ONVIF v2.6 demo firmware for TI DM368 (Appro DM368-IMX036 reference design) is available. Detail please contact us info@lingodigit.com or visit a http://www.lingodigit.com/onvif.html

Supported Features

  • Device Discovery
  • Device Management
  • Media Service
  • DeviceIO Service
  • Event Service
  • Imaging Service
  • PTZ Service

Compatible Software

  • ONVIF Test Tool v15.06
  • Milestone XProtect Professional 8.0 / Go! 2.1a
  • NUUO Main Console v4.1
  • exacqVision
  • Avigilon Control Center Server v4.12/v5.0
  • Luxriot v2.3
  • ONVIF Device Manager v2.2.250
  • More VMS with ONVIF conformance

System Requirement

  • RTSP server supports UDP, TCP, and HTTP tunnelling
  • 5MB footprint size (uncompressed)

Platforms with ONVIF Conformance Certification

  • TI DM368/365
  • GrainMedia GM8128/8126