ONVIF Pi - ONVIF Profile S demo FW on Raspberry Pi

ONVIF-Pi is an ONVIF NVT software Stack demo firmware for popular Raspberry Pi. ONVIF-Pi has h.264 and MJPEG video codecs, and G.711 and AAC audio codecs. Free download or more information, please visit ONVIF-Pi IP Camera
  • Passed Profile S conformance test of the latest ONVIF Device Test Tool v19.06.
  • Using Raspberry Pi and Pi camera module to implement ONVIF Profile S IP Camera
  • H.264, MJPEG RTSP Stream
  • Commercial version could be controlled from web page and supports web live video
  • Playback Live Video on Website with latency under 0.3 secs, and web browsers without plugin: Edge,Chrome,Firefox,Opera and Safari

    Raspberry Pi IoT Data with 4G WiFi, small Image and fast boot

    We make small rootfs instead of Raspberry Pi offical Debian file system, due to we don't need X-window in following projects.

      IoT Data Upload and Receive

  • RS-485 / RS-232 MCU control
  • Data update and upload to Server
  • Video Image Recognize and Catch
  • fast boot in 6 secs


      3D SLA Printer

  • UPNP Data,HDMI out
  • Arduino Nano
  • SMT32X motor control

    Orange Pi2 RTSP server

      Android RTSP Server

  • Android APP
  • convert JPEGs to be h.264 video source
  • RTSP server with H.264 and AAC codecs