Free Download ONVIF Device Tool

ONVIF Device Tool is an ONIVF GUI software on Linux to demo Lingodigit ONVIF Client Profile S software stack.
  • Passed ONVIF Client Test Tool Conformance Test v20.12
  • ONVIF Device Tool FeatureList : Discovery Device, Live Video, Video Encoder, Imaging, Events, Profiles and PTZ services
  • libonvif based on gSop, easy to follow ONVIF WSDL update and gSOAP is an long active project.
  • Pass ONVIF Client Test Tool Profile S Conformance Test since 2015(ONVIF had approved Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool with ONVIF Client Test Tool v15.02).
  • Free Download: If you are not Ubuntu user, please use the Manual install.
    Linux ONVIF GUI client
    Ubuntu 22.04 64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_v21_05_1.deb
  • ONVIF Device Tool Usage ex: ~$ onvif-device-tool
      Auto detedect ONVIF IPCameras by ONVIF device_service. You can get some messages form console :
    "addDevice : ""

    ONVIF Device Tool for ubuntun 16 or other versions

    Verified with ONVIF Client Test Tool v17.12.
    Ubuntu 12.04 or above and VLC installed
  • Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool for Ubuntu 16.04 64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_16.05-20160518_amd64.deb
  • Lingodigit ONVIF Device Tool for Ubuntu 12.04 or other versions :
    64bit (amd64): onvif-device-tool_15.12-20151229_amd64.deb
    32bit (i686): onvif-device-tool_15.12-2015129_i686.deb
    Debian Jessie 32bit:onvif-device-tool_15.12-20160408_jessie_i386.deb